Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day to remember in my life.

A day to remember in my life.

I'd like to talk about a sad day in my life. The day I broke my arm.
6 years ago, I was at school, after our classes at 4 p.m., I was rushing out of class with my friends and messing around, one of my classmates pushed me and the class was a bit high like 4 ladders from the ground. I fell down on my arm, I didn't feel like anything happened to me, and I just started to joke about it with my friends. A minute later I had a terrible pain in my arm, so I started telling my friends that I broke my arm, but none of them took me seriously and kept joking about it, but one of them felt that something was wrong with my arm and he started to check my hand. I decided to go home and as I came in my mom panicked and she thought I got hit by a car, she took me to the hospital, and the doctors decided to operate on my arm the next day cause it was really urgent.

The next morning they woke me up for the surgery and cut my arm open and put 2 scales on them, after I was conscious after 2 hours from the surgery, I had a terrible pain, I couldn't even sleep at night because it was really painful. The other thing was that I had my finals the next morning, so my parents got me my books to study at hospital.

I got sent back to my home. The funny thing is, I used the cover on my hand to hide my cheating little papers. After 3 weeks I went back to the doctors to get my covers removed. It was my first time to see my arm after the surgery, I was definitely scared and was really surprised, it was really black and I had lots of dead skin. It was the hardest thing that I had to do.

Until now I feel depressed when I look at my arm, I even uploaded my arm picture so you can see.
I'll never forget about this day.

Bank of the Nile 1960 Post

We're looking at the area of the bank of the Nile, during it's early 1960's

Yes, the sun is shining but it's covered behind the trees, it's seems like a really sunny day, the sun rises generally in Omdurman, especially during summer time, where it's very hot. It's really hot in summer and a bit cold during winter. Yes, the men started to cut a piece of tree using the saw. Nope they haven't finished cutting it yet, the water filler is taking the tins to his home, to supply water for his home.

How has he come to buy some stuff to resell them, as he's working as a merchant, he came by a car, his driver opened the car door for him, not yet, he seems to be chatting with some other merchant.

The plane haven't landed yet, The ferry has not reached yet, It's going to the other side of the Nile, the first boat haven't arrived yet.

Yes, I have went to the bank of the Nile before, It was a really great trip, we had so much fun we slept over there for 2 days, Yes it's very good, I recommend you to visit it some. I think the bank of the Nile is looking better now, because all of the modern buildings and sorroundings look really great.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


My mobile is very beautiful and wonderful mobile. My mobile type is Nokia N82. My mobile content two camera ; one camera for video call , this camera capstan 2.8 megap.
Another camera capstan 5.6 megap this camera using to imaging picture. My mobile content a wirlesslan compiler. My mobile work with zain net. And another thing in my mobile useful and wonderful .
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


This is a very wonderful holiday in my life. Right is a very short but is a great and wonderful holiday. I spent this holiday in my home with my family.
In the first day in this holiday went to a mosque and edit Eid prayer with my brother. After that came back a home and slider a cheep. After a slider a cheep ate
breakfast. In afternoon went my bed and slept two hours. In the evening went to see my Relatives and cingulated the Eid. In the second day went to a park with my friend and watched a film in a park cinema. After that went to a mall and meet my other friends. In the evening go to a park too and watch a big music party. In the third day went to a big family house and visited my grand father and grand mother and stay two days with your because all my family came her. For all this thing this holiday is a very great holiday in my live .


I wont to writ is my father because my father is greatest person I see. My father's name Hassan Ahmed Alawd . He was born in Al Jazera ( Wadrawa) in 1948. He study quran science in al Khalwa. After that my father is married. In the 1969 my father study my father study religion science in the sheikh Ibrahim yousif alnoor . if you wont to any in formation visit this sit or web

How to use the internet

The Internet is the best known and most widely used example of a global computer-mediated communication system
Training: Resources to help learn about how to use the Internet
Web Text: Internet Web Text; an online textbook for learning about the Internet; includes links to online guides and reference information
Internet Docs: Internet document archives; repository of Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP documents; a collection of information on topics related to the Internet, including historical memos; includes the Request for Comments (RFC) series of notes used to exchange information about Internet topics; many of these notes are of value for their historical interest; also includes FYI (For Your Information), STD (standards), and BCP (Internet Best Current Practices)
History: History of the Internet; section from the Internet Society's Web site of resources to learn about how the Internet has come to be what it is
Tools: Net tools; a summary of software tools used on the Internet for information, interaction, and communication
Searching: Resources to find information on the Internet
Keyword: Keyword-oriented search engines online
Subjects: Subject-oriented directories of online information
Lookup: Quick reference information resources
People: People locating resources; a list of resources to find people in online directories and search engines
IPL: Internet Public Library; provides library services to Internet users including: finding, evaluating, selecting, organizing, describing, and creating information resources; a public service organization and learning/teaching environment at the University of Michigan School of Information
Spaces: Net Space reference chart; gives you links to help you explore information spaces on the Internet--shows searching resources for different protocols and notes on now obsolete protocols
Archive: Internet Archive; builds an Internet library, with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format. more information go to web

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I always get up early and go to my bed very late. I pray in a mosquee or in myhome.I like to listen a classical music .I usually go out with my friend and go to acafe,park and cinema.I usually go to see a football matched in club. Some times i stay in my home andlistinig a reley ion science in a near mosquee.some times igo to visit my relatives. I never watch T.V in my house,because iam very busy .I never go to a big mall too because is a very